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Charlotte Coates Boyd, age 13




We were so fortunate to obtain this "Busy Yard Sampler" from the collection of Mary Jaene Edmonds. Mrs. Edmonds purchased this sampler in March 1981 in Washington, D.C. Rather than recreate a description, we'd like to share the one that came from Mrs. Edmond's files: Pictorial scene with a large house having arched windows and a grand entrance with wrought railing at the steps. A walkway and ornate gate with fence which encloses grassy area upon which are gathered two women and a girl. Five chickens are the left, a dog, large cow and two outbuildings are to the right. A wandering elaborate floral border frames the piece. Large trees come up from behind the house while a rather geometric leafed tree stands to the left, a strange palm-like tree to the right.

Size (W x H): 24 3/4 x 17 1/4 inches


Satin, cross, herringbone, cross-over-one, padded satin

Media: Silk on linen


Charlotte is believed to be the daughter of Elizabeth and Joseph Boyd, born in about 1813 in Baltimore. In 1827 a Joseph Boyd is listed the Directory as a hatter with a business located on the east side of Grant Street near Matthew Street.


Charlotte Coates Boyd's Work Finisheb In The Thirteenth Year of
Her Age. A.D.

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This sampler is included in Samplers & Samplermakers An American Schoolgirl Art 1700-1850 by Mary Jaene Edmonds, pages 133-135. 

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