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About antiquesamplers.org

This website is intended to foster the study of, and education about antique samplers in their historic as well as needlework context. The pieces displayed are held privately and are not for sale. Membership to view any pictures is required -- membership is free. Pictures of some samplers are available for the private, limited, non-commercial use of members upon request and approval of Gold Level membership.

Antiquesamplers.org is updated frequently with new samplers and other content, so check back often. To that end, your feedback is greatly appreciated. We are delighted with questions and suggestions that deepen the study of our samplers and improve our web site. We have learned much from our members and continue to be grateful for your interest. We hope you will enjoy the new samplers we upload. That being said, we are not equipped to handle requests that you might make to a traditional museum in regards to appraising your personal samplers. We cannot and will not do any appraisals. We suggest finding a dealer or museum in a larger city near you for these services.

This site has been created with the latest technology and works best if your computer is using a current internet platform. Users of AOL will have problems creating a membership account. Please contact us if you experience any problems viewing the samplers or have password issues.

Every effort has been made to correctly represent the spelling and capitalization used on the samplers. The verses have been typed verbatim, including line breaks. The accurate (but random) historical notes are courtesy of Wikipedia, and are intended only for context and amusement.