Margreat Sharp

Scottish Samplers

Margreat Sharp, age 11


Perth, Perthshire


It is practically impossible to describe how fine this sampler is. Each element of this small sampler is appropriate for the time period. However, the band of boxers in particular is more commonly found on samplers from the previous century. From this we can presume either Margreat's teacher was older or she was copying an old sampler. 

Next are two traditional bands, an undulating rose band followed by a band of floral urns containing tulips and carnations. The fourth band contains the rambant lion/unicorn from the Royal U.K. crest flanking the honeycomb pattern with initials and crowns. The final band contains additional familial initials and her signature. All four sides are bordered in a carnation floral pattern. 

Familial initials: WS, IM, AR, IS, AS, WS, IM, AR, IB, IS, AS

Size (W x H): 12 x 16 inches (framed)

Stitches: Cross, running, double running, stem, eyelet, chain, satin

Media: Silk on wool


William Sharp, a baker, and Ann Rae of Perth were married in 1725. Their children were James (1727), Nathaniel (1728), Janet (1729), Agnes (1731), David (1733), William (1734), Margaret (1736), Mary (1737) and twins Elisabeth and Mary #2 (1739).

We have found the will of a Margaret Sharp who died in 1816 at the age of 80 and is buried in Greyfriars. The lengthy document states that Margaret was the youngest lawful daughter of William Sharp, deceased baker of Perth. Other people named in the will are Mrs. Margaret Hutton, Janet Hutton, Ann Hutton and James Wedderspoon. To confirm the connections, Margaret's sister Janet married John Hutton in 1763. Janet Hutton had a daughter named Ann. There is a marriage record for a Margaret Sharp in 1750 to James Wedderspoon. As we continue to decipher the document, we can tell that Margaret Sharp was the owner of a building that included shops, victuallers and lodgings, we presume inherited from her father. The full story has yet to be determined!




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