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Euphan Easton


Hawick, Roxburgh


Euphan deviates from the typical Hawick companions by using a prayer in lieu of "On Virtue", but is otherwise very similar to Eliza Henderson. Euphan obviously had access to a good quantity of blue thread and uses it well, including blue in the pansies of her flowering vine anchored in the center with a large single flower. As compared to Eliza, the pink house has an additional set of wings, but the willow trees are depicted with the same multi-toned leaves. Her lawn is still very fluffy chenille, but the colours are used in separate sections rather than combined. Her blue curlicue signature is placed along the bottom and her familial initials (IE, ME, AE, IE, HW HW, EW) are also on either side of the willow trees.

Size (W x H): 12 3/8 x 17 7/8 inches

Stitches: Cross, satin, long-short, outline, chain, double running, French knot, cross-over-one

Media: Silk on linen


Euphan could possibly have been from outside of Hawick. If so, there was a girl born in about 1810 in Cockpen, Midlothian, who went on to marry William Smith 19 September 1831 in Cockpen. Cockpen is about 40 miles north of Hawick.



FATHER of light and life ! thou Good Supreme !
Save me from folly, vanity, and vice,
From every low pursuit ! and feed my soul
With knowledge, conscious peace, and virtue pure;
Sacred, substantial, never fading bliss !


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