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Frances Golding, age 11




This is a colorful and elaborate piece of embroidery surrounded by a strawberry border. There is a band of trees at the bottom with a central tree filled with birds. There are also sheep and two immense bowls of fruit. In the center a large urn is full of assorted flowers. In the top corners there are more trees and birds.

Frances put her verse through the sampler. The verses are symmetrically arranged around the embroidered center urn.

Size (W x H): 12 1/4 x 18 1/4 inches

Stitches: Cross, satin, back, four-sided, French knots, long-armed twisted cross, long/short

Media: Silk on linen


It is believed that Frances (Fanny) was the daughter of Edward and Hannah (Briggs) Golding who were married August 24, 1760 in Ashstead, Surrey, England.


Center verse:
Favour is decitful and beauty
is vain but a woman that fear
eth the Lord she shall be
praised give her of the
fruit of her hands and let her
own works praise her in the gates

Left verse:
How doth the little
Busy Bee Improve Each
Shining Hour and gather
Honey all the Day from
evry opening flowers
How skilfully she
Builds her Cell how
neat she spreads
The Wax and labours
Hard to store it Well
With the sweet Food
She Makes

Right hand verse:
IN Works Of Labour
Or On Skill I would be
busy too For Satan
finds some Mischief
Still for idle hands to
do 4
In books Or Work Or
healthful Play Let My
First Years be Pan
That I May Give foh
Evry Day Some Good
Account at Last

Signature: Frances
Finished this
Worke Janua
th 7 1782 in The
11 year of Her Age

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Additional Information

Frances' sampler has the same interesting provenance as Marianne Lignanni.

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