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Mary Newhall, age 12




Mary was 12 the year her mother died and she worked her sampler. She must have been learning needlework under an accomplished teacher. In a very high style, Mary stitched this well developed record on fine, gauze-like linen. She practiced three alphabets before recording the marriages, births, and deaths of her family. Employing mainly a satin stitch, she created a lustrous garland; working in grape clusters of French knots. Mary stitched another delicate wreath around the inscription and tied it together with a light blue bow.

In a very fine manner she stitched her name and age within a band giving it a "highlighted" effect.

Size (W x H): 23 1/2 x 23 1/2 inches

Stitches: Satin, French knot, long & short, cross

Media: Silk on linen


Mary Newhall was born as she states on the sampler in Sterling, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Her mother Mary Holman Newhall was David Newhall's second wife and Mary was their only child.

In 1823 Mary wed Charles Kitteridge, who was also of Sterling, Massachusetts. Charles was born in 1798 in Hancock, New Hamshire. He was a Hatter by trade and later became a merchant. Together they had three children: Lavinia, Charles, and Louise. She died May 6, 1887.


Mr. David Newhall born May 13th 1757
Married Miss Elizabeth Goss Sept 1st 1779. Died Sept 19th 1801
Children's names
Elizabeth born May 23d 1780 Died June 17th 1814
Thomas Goss born May 15th 1782
Frances born Feb. 13th 1784
Gustavus born April 11th 1786
Nancy born March 27th 1789
Abigail born May 10th 1791
David born Feb 22d 1795
Susan born March 2d 1797
Samuel Coats born Sept 23d 1799
Mr. David Newhall
Married Miss Mary Holman Sept 19th 1802 Died Sept 11th 1815
Mary born Oct 18th 1803

Wrought by Mary Newhall Aged 12 years.

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