Mary Joyce

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Mary Joyce, age 18


New York


This sampler has a folksy appeal. The lower portion features a house with a blue slate roof and smaller outbuildings. The fences, trees, and dogs provide detailed animation, while an overly large rooster atop one of the buildings may actually have been a weathervane. The inscription is lengthy, and includes many family members names. Mary's use of the archaic form of the letter "s" makes it difficult to decipher readily.

Size (W x H): 14 x 15 inches

Stitches: Cross, satin, hemstitch border

Media: Silk on linen


This branch of the Joyce family began in approximately 1700 when George Joyce, a Protestant from the north of Ireland, settled in Albany, New York. His son John Joyce married Martha Wentworth and the family moved to Schenectady. John and Martha had 10 children: Darsey, John, Martha, James, George, William, Thomas, Samuel, Mary, and Alice. George married Jane Stewart and their raised a large family. Their daughter, Mary, was the maker of this sampler.


Mary Joyce her work

John Mcintire Joyce
depart,d this life in his
15 Year August the 26
AD 1819 much regret.d
by his fond Parents
as he was their
Eldest Son and also
by his kind Grand-
mother Margaret
Stelbard Age 80

George and Jane
Joyce are the Na
mes of my Honora
ble Parents long
may they live and
happy may they
be if the sincere
prayer of your
Affectionate Dau
ghter Mary Joyce

Wrought A.D 1819
Aged 18

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