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Hannah Sheppard, age 11


New Jersey


Hannah stitched her basic marking sampler a year after her father died, and includes initials for herself (HS), her mother Sarah (SS), brothers John (JS) and Josiah B. (JBS) and sisters Ruth (RS) and Mary (MS). A collection of complex dividing bands lend a complexity to the understated work. Hannah's verse was in several publications, the earliest of which is "An Introduction to the Universal Explanatory Reader Calculated for Children from five years old to Nine", by W. Pinnock (sixth edition published in 1814. Credit for the poem in all the publications is given to Mrs Carter, who is most likely Elizabeth Carter (1717-1806), a renowned English poet and writer.

Size (W x H): 11 1/2 x 14 7/8 inches

Stitches: Cross, queen, eyelet, satin, rice, long armed cross

Media: Silk on linen


Hannah was born 6 January 1822 in Cumberland County, New Jersey. Her father, Jonadab Sheppard III (1787 - 1831) and mother Sarah Brooks (1794 - 1879) were married 3 May 1809. An 1860 U.S. Census from Cumberland County indicates that 38 year-old Hannah was living with Ansel and Ann Sheppard and their two sons.

Records indicate that the Sheppard and Westcott families seem to have intermarried for several generations, thus the relationship of the two samplers.


Short is
the longest
day of life

And soon
its prospect

Hannah Sheppard
was born January
6th 1822 did this
work in the 11th year
of her age 1832.

Yet on
this day's

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