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Eliza Nathan




This is a simple alphabet sampler ith a fantastic story! We started with the simple act of verifying the data that was graciously provided on the backboard of the sampler. After about two hours of constant discoveries, here's what we unearthed about Eliza Nathan...so far:

Eliza was indeed born 22 October 1830 in Trelawny, Jamaica, the daughter of Jacob Philip Nathan (1789-1831) and his wife Jane Hudson (1786-?). Eliza married Thomas Maitland Snow (1817-1899) , who was evidently visiting Jamaica from Exeter, Devon, England, 27 February 1851. They returned to England prior to the birth of their first son, Thomas, in 1852. Six additional children followed: Philip C.H. (1853-1931); Sebastian Cosens (1856-1937); Edmund Cowland (1858-1860); Wilmot Juliana (1861-1939); Lavinia Mary (1863-); Susannah M. (1864).

Circa 1855 Thomas Maitland Snow became a partner in his father's firm, Milford, Snow & Co., also known as the Exeter City Bank. Evidently, in 1863 Thomas Maitland Snow became Mayor of Exeter. Records indicate his father, Thomas Snow (b 1791) was a wine trader and partner in the City Bank. Tradition continued because in 1889 Thomas Snow, son of Thomas Maitland Snow also became Mayor. He was a partner in the City Bank that was absorbed into the National Provincial Bank in 1918.

We are currently tracking the reason the family was in Jamaica to begin with and stumbled upon slave holder records for Jacob Philip Nathan (he had two, both men, in 1817).

Needless to say, this has been fascinating and just goes to show that just because a sampler is simplistic, does not mean it isn't interesting!

Size (W x H): 14 3/4 inches diameter

Stitches: Cross

Media: Silk on linen


According to the backboard: Eliza Nathan was born in 1830 in Jamaica to Jacob Phillip Nathan and Jane Hudson. She became of the wife of Thomas Maitland Snow. Their daughter, Wilmot married Admiral F.C.M. Noel and she became the great grandmother of H.C.M. Noel.


Eliza Nathan

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