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Jenepher Fisher


Youghal, Cork, Ireland


A delicate map sampler of Europe - due in most part by the extreme tightness of the linen ground. Interestingly, you can still see the pencil/print markings under some of the missing threads. The flowers in the title banner "A Map of Europe" are a stylized eyelet stitch.

Size (W x H): 18 5/8 x 20 3/4 inches

Stitches: Couching, straight, satin, eyelet

Media: Silk on cotton


Jenepher was born 6 August 1791 in Youghal, Cork, daughter of Reuben and Jenepher Abell Fisher. She married Edward Alexander (1784) 11 December 1817, also in Yougal, and they had six children: Sam (1818), Joseph Fisher (1820), Jane (1822), Deborah (1824), Edward (1830), Reuben Fisher (1832). All the children were born in Limerick, where her husband was born to Samuel and Deborah Phillips Alexander.


Jenepher Fisher, Clonmel School 1809

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Additional Information

Clonmel is in County Tipperary, which is adjacent to both counties Cork and Limerick. In a book by Maria Luddy, Women in Ireland, 1800-1918. A Documentary History, published in 1995, provides additional detail on the Clonment Board School for Girls in a section on middle-class education (citing several references herself). We provide an excerpt but encourage members to review the book in it's entirety.

The Clonmel boarding school was established and run by Quaker women. Sarah Grubb, who founded the school originally in 1787, hoped it would bring about 'simplicity of manners and a religious improvement of the morals of the youth'. Such aims were fulfilled by teaching the Quaker catechism and scriptures. The curriculum of the school was quite broad and reflected the backgrounds of the pupils. The school survived until 1845. 

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