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Margaret Dalziel Inglis


Cramond, Midlothian


The first of Margaret's samplers was stitched when she was 13 and is best described as two samplers in one. The top band includes a depiction of Abraham offering up his son Isaac on an amazing altar. The altar is flanked by verses and familial initials (EH, TI, MM, WM, MD, WI, MMI, SRI, TI, GI, CW, HD, ID, KARI, EH) with crowns and coronets. The initials KARI were a key factor in identifying Margaret, and stand for her sister, Keith Alicia Ramsay Inglis. Petite butterflies, a row of birds, a tulip, three God's eyes and a basket of fruit fill in the free space. 

The lower half of the sampler features a three-storied structure with a blue-slate roof. The building depicted is most definitely a church because of the crosses on the roof and the arched windows, however it does not resemble any of the local churches. In comparison to the less refined stitching of the top panel, Margaret's expertise come through in the tight and well ordered stitches of the building. A variety of spot motifs flank the house on all four sides, primarily in silk threads. Our favorite is the peacock on the roof! Directly below the house are an Adam & Eve that more resemble the upper band in their bulky stitches. There is no snake and the apple tree is replaced with a flowering urn.  Her simplistic signature band and border are also done in wool. 

Size (W x H): 13 1/8 x 17 inches

Stitches: Cross, double running, satin, eyelet

Media: Silk and wool on wool


See companion description.


Abraham offering
up his son Isaac
on the altar

Remember now
thy Creator in
the days of thy

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