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Content Flagler, age 15


Clifton Park, New York


This highly unusual sampler is worked in a long and narrow format onto deep green linsey-woolsey ground. Both the size and format are unlike that of any other linsey-woolsey sampler that we have seen over the years.

Content has a lovely row of star medallions at the top of the piece. It is followed by one alphabet and a group of numerals. The bulk of the rest of the sampler is filled with a lengthy verse. While we continue to research the origins of the text, we do know that it was modified and used to create a holiday hymn in 1904. She has what seem to be familial initials, some after the alphabet and some after the verse (PSF, IWC, RMEF, CIT). These do not directly fall in line with her genealogy so they remain something of a mystery - perhaps friends or a teacher. Her signature is complete with age and date, and show a level of detail that is not surprising given that Content was fifteen years old.

Size (W x H): 7 1/8 x 30 5/8 inches

Stitches: Cross, queen, eyelet, long-armed cross, chain

Media: Silk on dark green linsey-woolsey


Much is known about Content and her family, in part from information published in The Settlers of the Beekman Patent by Frank J. Doherty (Pleasant Valley, NY, 1999) and History of Saratoga County, New York (Everts & Ensign, 1878). According to the former, the Flaglers were emigrants from Palatine, a region of southwestern Germany, and among the earliest settlers of Beekman Patent. This area of Dutchess County was granted in 1697 and retained that designation until after the Revolutionary War. Zacharius Flagler was a teacher in Germany when, circa 1712, he, his wife and three children sailed for America. Four generations later, Content was born 28 May 1788 in Beekman, Dutchess County, New York, the daughter of Richard Flagler and Martha Wilkinson, and named for her maternal grandmother. Martha Wilkinson died when Content was only four years old. Poignantly, the epitaph on her mother's grave reads, "This stone is erected by her daughter and her only child, as a token of respect for a mother whem she was too young to know but whose virtues she humbly desires to imitate."

Richard Flagler remarried and moved his family to Saratoga County circa 1800, settling just south of Saratoga Springs in Clifton Park. At the time Content worked her sampler she would have been living in Clifton Park.

When she was 23 years old Content married Dr. Laban Hazeltine on 29 May 1813. Dr. Hazeltine was from Vermont, where he studied and then practiced medicine. The couple lived in Jamestown, a town in the southwest corner of New York state. Genealogical and Personal History of the Allegheny Valley by John Woolf Jordan (1913) informs us that they had two sons, one of whom became a doctor as well, practicing with his father. Content died at the age of 90 in 1878.


The Blessed Time
OF harVest is
At hand serVe ye
The Lord And be
At his Command
And For a Portion
God he will Provi
de And Grant a Ble
ssings To Our sou
ls BeSids Remem
ber Man That Th
ou Art Made OF
Clay And In This
World You hae
not long to stay
This Wicked wor
ld will neVer be
content with all
the gifts the bou
nteous lord hath
sent This I have
done that you m
ay see What ca
re My Parents
takes of Me wh
en then you see
remember Me tho
Many Miles I dis
tant be PSFICW

Content Flaglers
sampler made in
the 15 year of h(missing)
age in the year
of our lord 1804

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