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Susanna Rugg, age 7




Isn't it delightful that Susanna was only seven years-old when she stitched this magnificent sampler! We can't help but wonder if it was her first, or did she start with a basic alphabet piece? If this was indeed her very first effort, she certainly was born with a gift.

The top of her sampler has one complete capital letter alphabet in all eyelet stitch, balanced with her signature along the bottom in a mix of eyelet and cross stitches. The area between is divided into two distinct and equally complex sections. The top section has fruit bowls, an urn with flowers growing in it, trees, butterflies, and crowns. The bottom section has a pastoral scene loaded with motifs: a shepherd and his dog are sitting on a hillock on the left while sheep are under a tree on the right and a speckled stag is resting center stage. A fantastical phoenix flies above them all. Susanna made curious curve shapes in her sky which one presumes to be clouds. There is a simple strawberry border around the whole sampler and a satin edging is sewn to the edge. For such a small piece, it is absolutely fantastic!

Size (W x H): 11 x 12 1/2 inches

Stitches: Cross, eyelet

Media: Silk on wool


A Susanna Rugg was christened 27 January 1754 at St. Andrew Holborn in London, the daughter of Richard and Mary Rugg.


Susanna Rugg Aged 7 Years.

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