Amanda Royal

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Amanda Royal, age 9


New Jersey


This sampler is worked in compartments containing baskets of flowers, birds, verse and inscriptions. Irish stitched diamonds and queen-stitched strawberries can be found on the border(s).

Size (W x H): 16 1/2 x 17 1/4 inches

Stitches: Cross, queen, eyelet, continental, herringbone, Florentine

Media: Silk on linen


Amanda was the daughter of Joel and Mary Royal, born on January 10, 1820 in southern New Jersey. In 1837 Amanda married Seeley Wallen, a blacksmith, also of Millville, Cumberland County. They became the parents of at least four children: Hannah, James, Mary Ann and Jarvis. Amanda died a widow, in 1890.


Virtue's the chiefest beauty of the mind the
Noblest ornament of humankind virtue's our Safeguard and our guiding star that stirs up
Reason when our senses err

Jarvis Royal was Born March 11th 1818
Amanda Royal was born January 10th 1820
Did this work in the ninth Year of her age 1828

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